Role of the Committee

The Australian Junior Gliding Club Committee is the official team behind all major junior development and promotion activities in Australia.

The committee is a voluntary group of seven members who take care of the affairs of the Club. Each individual is nominated and elected by the AJGC’s members at the Annual General Meeting, usually held at JoeyGlide.

The committee works behind the scenes all year round on various different projects. The committee’s main roles are to: manage the club’s assets such as the aircraft and donated funds, help it’s members to achieve their soaring goals by providing contacts, organising events, and providing financial sponsorship, and promote and develop junior soaring in any and all of it’s forms.

The AJGC Committee is there to project and reinforce your voice as an Australian junior in the “gliding world”.

Of the seven members, four make up the Executive and three are Ordinary members. The Executive consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The President is the face of the organisation, main point of contact and oversees all projects, delegating accordingly. The Vice President is the second point of contact and main advisor. The Treasurer takes care of funding, accounts and financial affairs. The Secretary looks after all the records and administration of the Club. The role of the Ordinary Members is to provide council and ensure that the committee is not biased by providing views of the members at large.

Current Committee

President – Eric Stauss

Eric has always had his head in the clouds although not literally until he was eight years old. Eric first attended JoeyGlide as a coachee in 2006 and has competed in six since. He has always had an eye for competition and worked hard to make it into both the junior and senior Australian Gliding Teams. This allowed him to compete in both the 2013 Junior World Gliding Championships in Leszno, Poland, the 2014 World Gliding Championships in Rayskala, Finland, and the 2015 Junior World Gliding Championships in Narromine, NSW. Eric became an Ordinary Member of the AJGC in 2013, went on to become Vice President in 2014, before he rose the ranks to become President in 2015.

Vice President – Martin Rule

Martin has been flying every since he could walk. He is an enthusiastic glider and power pilot. Martin has always had a passion for aerobatics, however thought he’d give his cross country skills a work out by competing in JoeyGlide in 2012….in a Salto. Martin became an Ordinary Member in 2012, was President of the AJGC for two years, before taking a break as Vice President in 2015 to advance his maintenance skills.

Treasurer – Sam Schoneveld

Sam is an avid glider pilot. He has had a passion for cross country flying ever since he set foot in the cockpit. Sam first attended JoeyGlide from the lonely state of NSW as coachee in 2011 and then went on to compete every year since.  Sam first joined the committee as an Ordinary Member in 2012 and became Treasurer in 2013.

Secretary – James Nugent

James started attending JoeyGlide as a coachee in 2012 at Lake Keepit, and has since competed in the last two JoeyGlides in Narromine. After his exceptional performance at the Pre-World Gliding Championships he was selected to represent Australia at the Junior World Gliding Championships in Narromine, 2015, where he placed 5th overall. James was nominated as an Ordinary Member in 2014 and then became Secretary in 2015.

Ordinary Member – Mitchell Turner

Mitchell is passionate about all things gliding. From the sunny state of Queensland he flew his first JoeyGlide in 2014 at the Narromine Junior Pre-Words and has competed in every one since. Mitchell became an Ordinary Member in 2015.

Ordinary Member – Peter Conway

Peter has been gliding since before he existed. He is an enthusiastic glider and power pilot. Peter comes from an avid gliding family and has attended more gliding competitions than he can count as crew, cheerleader and spectator. He finally flew his first competition at the 2015/16 JoeyGlide. Peter became an Ordinary Member in 2015.

Ordinary Member – David Collins

David is an enthusiastic up and comer in the Australian Junior Gliding scene. He went solo in 2015 and flew his first JoeyGlide only months later. David was elected an Ordinary Member in 2015.