Junior Advocates

In addition to the AJGC Committee, there are many juniors and seniors behind the scenes who give their time and efforts to support the junior movement. The people mentioned below are by no means the extent of the supporters, however, they alongside the committee are the main team to deal with any junior issues.

Junior Representatives

International Teams Committee – Eric Stauss

The GFA International Teams Committee recommends policy for selection of International Teams, prepares and implementation of selection policies and guidelines, and selects teams including team captains and other non-flying members.

Eric is the current AJGC President and has flown in several JoeyGlides, Junior and Senior Worlds, and is a fairly active participant in all things Gliding. Eric was nominated as ITC rep in 2015.

National Competition Committee – Ailsa McMillan

The GFA National Competitions Committee is responsible for the rules of national competitions, organisers guidelines, handicaps (through a sub-committee) and the timing and location of events.

Ailsa was nominated as NCC representative in 2014.

Coaching Panel – Jess Stauss

The GFA Coaching Panel works to promote higher standards of cross country and competition flying among Australian pilots. The panel works to encourage and support the development of the Junior movement, coach and support international competition pilots, and appoint and train coaches.

Jess was nominated as Coaching Panel rep in 2012.

Mentors & Coaches

Junior Performance Coach – John Buchanan

The Junior Performance Coach is the primary coach for the Australian Junior Gliding Team. His role is to coach, develop and support the team as they strive for success in the Junior World Gliding Championships. When the next team is still in the process of being selected, his role is broadened to support all juniors who may eventually be involved in the team. For more information about the Australian junior team, its development and to get involved, see the Junior Squad page.

JoeyGlide Head Coach – Greg Schmidt

The JoeyGlide Head Coach is responsible for running and overseeing the Coaching Program at the Australian Junior National Championships.

Greg is the RTO Sports for Queensland and he has been a coach for a great many years. He has attended several JoeyGlides, with this year his first as Head Coach.

Junior Ambassador – Adam Woolley

Adam was one of the founding juniors of the Australian Junior Gliding Club. Adam competed in several JoeyGlides before becoming too old to compete. Since growing out of the Junior movement he has moved on to compete in national and international competitions. However, he has continued to be a supportive part of the junior movement and advisor to the GFA and AJGC on junior matters.

Junior Wolrds Contest Director – Adam Webb

Australia was lucky enough the win the bid to host the 2015 Junior World Gliding Championships in Narromine, NSW. The Contest Director oversees all the organisation and runs the Junior World Gliding Championships. He delegates and organises, funding, coaching, accommodation, website, local rules, and every aspect of the competition.

Adam was the President of the Australian Junior Gliding Club for four years and has competed in numerous JoeyGlides. He ran the first Australian 20m Championships in 2013, 11th Australian Junior Gliding Championships and Pre-Junior World Gliding Championships, and was then asked to direct the 9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships.

JoeyGlide Contest Director – Ailsa McMillan & Matt Gage

The Contest Director of JoeyGlide oversees all the organisation and runs the Australian Junior National Championships. He/she delegates and organises, funding, coaching, accommodation, food, local rules, and every aspect of the competition.

Ailsa recently flew in the Junior World Gliding Championships in Narromine, NSW. She and Matt Gage did an excellent job of taking on the role of co-Contest Directors with little notice before the 2015/16 JoeyGilde.

If you have any matters in the area of one of our Junior Advocates and would like to discuss it, please Contact Us.