WUQ Crew Vehicle

Junior World Gliding Championships 2015 – A Crew Perspective (Blue Blue Blue)

Friday 4 December 2015:

4th Competition Day, 3rd Task – Yet another Blue Day

Towing out today and setting up on the grid I took some pictures to show things from my vantage point.

Image JWGC2015 WUQ ready to be towed out

WUQ ready to be towed out to the grid

Image JWGC2015 WUQ gridded and ready to race

WUQ gridded and ready to race

Image JWGC2015 Resting under the wing

Crew perspective from the shade under the wing

The boys are getting to play in a beautiful blue sky. The wind has died down and conditions are expected to be similar to yesterday. Eric actually had a smile on his face when the tug started rolling.

Today I took the time to walk around the grid and talk to some of the other teams whilst waiting for Eric to get established.

Then I went to Joanne’s merchandise shop and found she got some really good looking stubby holders in – an Australian icon. They keep your drinks cool whilst protecting your hands from the cold. Ideal for our international visitors to bring home some nice souvenirs.

Image JWGC2015 Stubby Holders

JWGC2015 Stubby Holders – a cool souvenir from this comp

Now we are sitting in Aussie base and monitoring the weather and the team’s progress on the radio and the 15min delayed “live” tracking. It shouldn’t be too long before they get back and we have to pull them off the runway. Then it’ll be an exciting wait as the scores come in.

Tonight we’ll have a team dinner at the aero club.

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