Towing out to the Grid

Junior World Gliding Championships 2015 – A Crew Perspective (Getting hotter)

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 December 2015:

5th & 6th Competition Day, 4th & 5th Task – Getting hotter

As the weather heats up the battle is also getting fiercer. Saturday morning at the briefing we had 3 Australians on the podium and with the thermals starting to favour our team’s gliders we were fully expecting to see the boys climb up the ladder and so they did in big leaps.

Image JWGC2015 3 Aussies on Podium

Three Aussies on the Podium

At this stage, however, it hasn’t been quite enough to have made it to the top yet. All pilots here are so good that there are only a few points between them at the end of the day and it won’t be easy to get to the top spot or even on the podium within the flying days still available. But the team – pilots, crews, coaches, team captain and weatherman – are all giving their very best in their sphere of influence.

Also on Saturday morning we had Simon Hackett – a long-time supporter of the Junior Gliding movement in Australia – fly in with his PC12 and give a speech at the morning briefing.

Image JWGC2015 PC12 VH-TCP

Simon Hackett’s PC12

Later in the day John Buchanan took Al Sim on some photo shooting runs in his Bell 206 helicopter. They were chasing the finishers in and got some spectacular images that are up on Facebook. The photo shoot done he then took our Club Class pilots for a ride.


Image JWGC2015 Helicopter Ride

Helicopter Ride for our Club Class Pilots

There are lots of good videos on the  JWGC2015 Youtube Channel. At least one if not several every day. These are well worth watching.

Less spectacular but from my very own perspective are the feature image of this post and the following picture that I took towing the glider to the grid and being weighed every day to ensure we are not ballasting it up above reference weight.

Image JWGC2015 Daily Weigh-in

Daily Weigh-in


Image JWGC2015 Overseeing the grid

Overseeing the grid

Whilst the boys were on their great task today, the girls and I spent some time in the pools to cool off.

Image JWGC2015 Cooling off in the pool

Cooling off in the pool

As always, the results are up on Soaring Spot. For tomorrow we are expecting another big day which gives the boys another good chance to collect some much needed points.


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