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Junior World Gliding Championships 2015 – A Crew Perspective (More promising Clouds and big Tasks)

Thursday 10 December 2015:

10th Competition Day, 8th Task – More promising Clouds and big Tasks

630km task for Standard Class and 500km for Club Class and an early launch today. Forecast was for 12 to 13,000ft and thunderstorms to the north. This is another chance for the Club Class boys to harvest some much needed points. The trickier weather and shorter tasks have stacked the odds a little against the LS3s with their higher handicap but today they should shine. Having said that, all of the pilots here are the top of the crop and have achieved remarkable speeds under these conditions.

Last night I finally met Ritz (of, Soaring Café and Gliding International fame) in person. We had been communicating electronically every once in a while over the years but never actually been at the same place at the same time.

Image JWGC2015 Ritz

Ritz doing what she does best

It was great to hear WUQ (Eric) call final glide as the first competitor arriving back. For quite a while he and then James and Joe were the only ones who had landed. We were the first to tow the gliders back to our hangar.

Image JWQG2015 InitialResultsComing

Initial Results coming in (it wasn’t to stay that way ;-()

Their speeds were right up there and but would it be enough to beat the others on handicap? As the scores came in they slowly slid down the list. Somewhat disappointing but Eric still had the fastest speed of the day in Club Class and improved on his total placing. Results as always on Soaring Spot.

Tomorrow we expect a similar day and another opportunity to improve on placings.

There are a few good photographers here who have posted loads of pictures of the action here.

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