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Junior World Gliding Championships 2015 – A Crew Perspective (Windy and Blue Start)

Friday 10 December 2015:

11th Competition Day, 9th Task – 390kms in Blue changing to CU studded Sky

Early in the morning Rachel had to catch her flight back to Adelaide to be able to attend a friend’s wedding on the weekend. Jess drove her to Dubbo and was back in time for breakfast.

An early start was called this morning as another front was forecast to move through and the task setters want to get everyone home by the time it hits Narromine. We launched the fleet into a blue sky with a strong westerly wind blowing. Several relights and later outlandings told of the really tough conditions but our guys sounded quite happy on the radio and seemed to make good progress.

Image JWGC2015 Gridded for a real Challenge

Gridded for a real Challenge

As the front moved closer nice cumulus clouds started building but there was also a high cloud cover shadowing the ground more and more as the afternoon progressed. Temperatures dropped and the sky looked bleaker by the minute.

Image JWGC2015 Sky getting bleaker

Sky getting bleaker

More outlanding reports came in but our boys soldiered on into the worse conditions here at Narromine…

For a while it looked like Eric might just make it home but eventually he, as the others, succumbed to gravity and fell into a paddock 9km away, just 6km from the finish line. The retrieve was uneventful other than the farmer trying to talk our ears off while we derigged (we got 101 lessons in canola farming, cattle grid construction, fire fighting…).

Back at base they had arranged pizza for us by the time we returned. Thanks to team captain Mandy and whoever else  was involved in getting us a feed.


Image JWGC2015 Waiting for last Retrieves

Waiting for last Retrieves at Aussie Base

We enjoyed a spectacular sunset whilst waiting for the rest of the team to return from their retrieves.

Image JWGC2015 Sunset after Retrieve

Sunset after the Retrieve

Eric and I decided to rig in the cool air at last light to save us having to get up early and do the heavy lifting ahead of the day’s work. Also, if we found anything damaged or broken we would have more time to get it fixed.

Image JWGC2015 Rigging at Last Light

Rigging at Last Light

  1. Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.

  2. Veldig stilige bilder. Måtte inn på epla i går etter jeg så innlegget ditt og bestille meg et luftballong bilde og et "so ro" bilde av deg. Ha en flott helg videre:)Klem fra Caroline

  3. Hei Randi.! For en flott Foto-Minne bok. Det var en fin ide å lage slike bøker.Tenk å kunne sitte å se på alle stedene, gjennoppleve og kose seg..Huff ja, Det er så fort gjort å miste bilder og ting på pc.n godt du fikk de over mellom to permer.Ha en fin Uke Randi. :)Klem fra Helene.E.B. vgb.

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  5. Wow, that’s pretty epic. The video is in Dutch, and basically it’s just a toenail extraction. I know enough Dutch to translate that, but I didn’t catch what the cause was. My guess is those damn wooden shoes!! lol

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