Junior World Gliding Championships 2015

The Australian Junior Gliding Club are proud to be sponsoring the 9th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships to be held in Narromine, Australia in December 2015.

The first time the event will be held outside of Europe, attracting the epitomy of young glider pilots from across the world. The competition will be held in two classes, Club Class, and Standard Class. Club Class is a handicapped class where a variety of older gliders can compete on an equal basis. Standard Class has no handicapping, but all gliders are restricted to a 15m wingspan, with no flaps allowed. Narromine is a world famous soaring site, with consistent reliable weather for challenging and rewarding cross contry gliding, and many 1000km flights are flown from there each year. The terrain is mainly flat, with big fields, an extremely safe site to fly from (FAI Sailplane Racing 2015).