Subsidised Flying

Australian Junior Gliding Club

The Australian Junior Gliding Club (AJGC) provides sponsorship to Australian junior pilots who wish to further their gliding. This can be for any gliding related activity from your initial training to becoming an instructor, attending a coaching event or competing in a world championship. More information can be found on the AJGC Sponsorship page.

Furthermore, the AJGC, in conjunction with the Gliding Federation of Australia and several independent sponsors, runs a heavily discounted coaching program alongside the Australian Junior Nationals to help young pilots make the transition from gliding to cross country soaring. More information can be found on the National Championships wesbite.

Australian Air Force Cadets

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) run gliding courses, typically in the school holidays. This is a cheap way of initially getting involved in the sport, with pathways to joining a club so you can fly year-round and once you are no longer a cadet. The courses are independently run by the AAFC and more information is available on their website.

They also offer scholarships for cadets to complete their training at approved clubs.

Australian Women Pilots’ Association

The AWPA provides one Soaring Scholarship annually for a female glider pilot to enhance her cross country flying skills.

Sport Australia Hall of Fame

SAHOF runs a scholarship program for individuals with ‘ambitions to reach the highest level in their chosen sport’. It is open to applicants who are under 21 in the year they are applying. The nomination period begins in June each year.

Local Sporting Champions

These grants are available to individuals aged from 12-18 to compete in official state, national, or international competitions. Visit the Ausport website for further details.

Gliding Federation of Australia

The Gliding Federation of Australia will waive the entry fee for all pilots under 26 competing in the multi-class or club class national championships.

Uncles Foundation

The NSW Gliding Association has what is known as the Uncle’s Foundation. They provide financial sponsorship to NSW junior pilots each year to attend gliding events. All that is required is a short application with:

  1. A plan of what you are proposing to do
  2. A list of expected costs
  3. A supporting letter from your club (this can easily be obtained from your club’s secretary)

For more information or to apply, contact Beryl Hartley at

Young Pilot Support

The NSW Gliding Association Young Pilot Support program aimed at pilots under 18. It allows funding to be sent to their Club to go towards to their Club membership and flying accounts for the coming year. To be eligible you must:

  1. Be a 12 month full GFA member
  2. Be aged 18 years or younger
  3. Have completed 10 flights in the past 12 months

The first 40 applicants each year will receive a $100 grant. To apply for this program, please send an email to Dave Boulter at

Hunter Valley Gliding Club Scholarship

The Hunter Valley Gliding Club offers a reduced membership cost for people under 26 and runs a scholarship program for young people aged 15 to 25 to learn to fly gliders.

The scholarship is given to up to 6 people annually and is valued at $2000. Each scholarship provides:

  • One year’s student membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia
  • One year’s student membership of the club
  • A pilot’s log book
  • Flying training to the balance remaining of the initial $2000

More info on the scholarship is available on the Hunter Valley Gliding Club’s Scholarship page and their student membership rates are detailed on their Prices page.

Lake Keepit Soaring Club

The Lake Keepit Soaring Club offers many discounts and incentives to young people. They include:

  • $125 junior membership (<25)
  • $45 cadet membership (<19)
  • Half price glider hire
  • $10 winch launches
  • An established form of communication between members to organise carpooling to the airfield

More details are available on the Lake Keepit Soaring Club’s website.

Southern Cross Gliding Club

The Southern Cross Gliding Club has a scholarship available to young people wanting to fly gliders. It provides glider hire at no charge and reduced membership costs. To eligible, you must:

  • Have not yet had your 20th birthday
  • Be wholly or in substantial part supported by a parent or guardian
  • Have served a probationary membership period after joining the club, normally by acceptance of a membership package consisting of a specified number of flights

For more information, visit the Southern Cross Gliding Club website.

Queensland Government’s Get Started Program

The Queensland Government runs a funding scheme to get more young people involved in sport and recreation at the grassroots level. The Get Started portion of this scheme provides funding to assist young people, particularly those who can least afford it, in joining a sport or recreation club.

More information is available on the Queensland Government Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing website.

Young Athletes Travel Subsidy

The Queensland Government offers a retrospective travel subsidy for athletes competing at a state, national or international level. This is offered to those under 18 at the beginning of the event.

More information is available on the Queensland Government website.

Darling Downs Soaring Club

DDSC has established a programme that provides scholarships of up to $500 for people aged between 14 and 25, who wish to undertake gliding training, or further their gliding skills with DDSC.

More information is available on the DDSC website.

Bundaberg Soaring Club

The Bundaberg Soaring Club offers multiple incentives to young people:

  • $65 annual membership for high school students
  • $10 launches for high school students
  • $0.50 per minute glider hire for high school students
  • Regular juniors weekends with the AAFC and AAL
  • Assistance with transport to the airfield when required

More information is available on the Bundaberg Soaring Club website.

Gympie Gliding Club

The Gympie Gliding Club supports juniors through:

More information is available on the Gympie Gliding Club website.

Balaklava Gliding Club

The Balaklava Gliding Club offers discounted membership and flying to young people and full time students. This includes:

  • $10 annual membership
  • Half price winch launches
  • Reduced glider hire rates

For more information, visit the Balaklava Gliding Club website.

Adelaide Soaring Club

The Adelaide Soaring Club offers reduced costs to young people, including:

  • $48 annual membership for full-time students and people under 18
  • Reduced glider hire rates

For more information visit the Adelaide Soaring Club website.

Waikerie Gliding Club

The Waikerie Gliding Club offers half price glider hire rates to students.

For more information is available on the Waikerie Gliding Club website.

Elite Athlete Travel Grants

These are provided by the Victorian Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure, and are available to help support athletes with travel and accommodation costs associated with attending national or international level competitions. For more info and to apply please visit the department’s website here.

Athlete Travel Subsidy Scheme

For pilots between the ages of 13-21 at the beginning of the event. Subsidises out of pocket travel and accommodation costs.

More information is available on the Department of Sport and Recreation website.